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NetZoomDC Value Proposition

NetZoomDC helps you “Do more with less” money, power, and personnel training. Optimal use of your data center resources coupled with effectively managing capacity factors help reduce costs, increase operational efficiencies, increase productivity and improve the overall user experience.

NetZoomDC On-Premise & NetZoomDC SaaS

NetZoomDC DCIM is available as an On-Premises license as well as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Clients who don’t want to host the NetZoomDC application on site will find NetZoomDC SaaS a suitable solution for their data center needs. NetZoomDC SaaS has the same functionality as NetZoomDC On-Premises but with SaaS-specific benefits.

Reduce Costs

Improve uptime by identifying potential risks before critical situations occur.
Reduce operational cost by optimizing power consumption.
Postpone or prevent unnecessary and costly data center build outs by identifying and controlling Space fragmentation and Rack density.
Maximize data center investment by redeploying underused, unused and decommissioned devices.

Improve Efficiency

Increase operational efficiency by effectively managing power, thermal and space capacity.
Visualize and collaborate resources and information from IT and facility infrastructure personnel.
Identify servers to be considered for virtualization.

Increase Productivity

Reduce troubleshooting time by knowing a device's location and cabling beforehand.
Reduce mean time to resolution with advanced monitoring, alerts management and detailed device change management logs.
Control capacity planning through “What-If” impact analysis.

Improve User Experience

Simplify and automate daily operational tasks and processes associated with managing a data center.
Empower data center professionals to analyze problems efficiently through the use of advanced dashboards, analytics, monitoring, and powerful alerts management.
Empower data center personnel with an easy to use DCIM application.

What customers love about us?

Altima Technologies, Inc. has been developing software for data center professionals worldwide since 2000. We are customer focused and our products are customer driven.
NetZoomDC is the most cost effective DCIM software solution on the market. We offer a competitive product price based on a per user license model. We do not charge on a feature basis, so you get the full software product for a flat fee, plus free product and library updates and a free mobile application for monitoring, inventory and auditing.
Altima has the largest and most detailed device library available, so that you can fully represent your IT and facility assets in our DCIM product. Our device library service provides prompt delivery of new shapes in 24 hours.
NetZoomDC is fully customizable by the customer to meet the needs of their individual sites without expensive professional service fees. Customers can customize access privileges, properties, reports, diagrams, alerts and more to take advantage of NetZoomDC features. Technical support professionals and trainers are available for consultation.
NetZoomDC is the easiest DCIM to use! NetZoomDC users report a very light learning curve compared to other DCIM software programs. Customers can get up and running with NetZoomDC quickly and easily through the use of automation.
NetZoomDC is full featured, providing all the features required for data center management:
Visual asset management
Real-time capacity planning information
Change management
Alert management
Professional reporting and diagramming
Integration into other IT, BMS and workflow applications using the open schema and SDK
And many more!
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