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DCIM Features

NetZoomDC is an enterprise, vendor-neutral data center infrastructure management solution. From IT and Facility asset management to capacity management and real-time alerts, let NetZoomDC help you effectively manage data centers of all sizes.
Visual Asset Management
Data centers are modeled in a hierarchical view of sites, locations, sub-locations, and true-to-life rack elevations that represent your entire data center assets with cables and connections all-in-one application.
More about Visual Asset Management
Capacity Management
NetZoomDC automatically calculates and manages power, heat, temperature, space and other capacity values. Use our formula builder to calculate other values that are important to you.
More about Capacity Management
Power and Thermal Management
Monitor Real-Time Power and Thermal data for important devices and view aggregations at the rack, row or location level.
More about Power and Thermal Management
Connectivity Management
Create and manage both power and data port connections and their cables across your entire data center. Create connectivity reports as well as power and data trace diagrams.
More about Connectivity Management
Filters and Tenants
View the entire data center at once or narrow your focus to billing units, departments, hot spots, or any other dimensional view important to you.
More about Filters and Tenants
Alert Management
Customize alerts and receive notification of data center issues via email or SMS.
More about Alert Management
Trends and Forecasting
Use the "What If" feature to find out what would happen to your power usage if you added 100 new servers of a specific model to 'Room A' next year. See "Where Your Data Center is Now" and find out "Where You Are Heading".
More about Trends and Forecasting
IT & Facility Infrastructure
Model and manage your entire physical IT and Facility infrastructure in NetZoomDC. Keep track of the entire life-cycle of your devices and assets.
More about IT & Facility Infrastructure
What If Analysis
Improve capacity planning by determining infrastructure needs at a future date.
More about What If Analysis
Change Management
Plan your data center's future with structured Change Management. Generate detailed work orders and detect Conflicts before they occur.
More about Change Management
Discovery and Monitoring
Discover devices and monitor real time power, thermal, and other data. Use real time monitoring to optimize usage and cut down on power usage.
More about Discovery and Monitoring
Inventory Collection & Audit
Perform an inventory of assets directly from your handheld device by simply scanning the barcodes of data center devices. NetZoomDC audits assets to automatically classify them as "New", "Moved", "Missing" or "Matching" devices.
More about Inventory Collection & Audit
Reports, Diagrams & Dashboards
Instantly generate built-in and custom reports, physical layouts and diagrams.
Optimize placement of your devices using built-in Dashboards to discover hot spots, cold spots and other metrics.
More about data Reports, Diagrams & Dashboards
Role Based Security
Secure sites, assets, properties, tenants, files, and features from unauthorized access.
More about Role Based Security

NetZoomDC is also Available as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

NetZoomDC is also available as a service for the customers who don’t want to host the application on premises. The benefits of the NetZoomDC SaaS include:
  • Minimal upfront investment in infrastructure & associated maintenance costs
  • Reduced IT support cost
  • Simplified and faster deployment
  • Improved continuity of DCIM services
  • Robust yet competitively priced application
  • Valuable for Colocation Providers who want to offer visibility to clients
  • Data security assurance
  • Unlimited scalability
NetZoomDC SaaS appeals to small and medium size customers, but is suitable for companies of all sizes.
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