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Productivity Tools & Other Highlights

NetZoomDC empowers the data center administrators by offering a number of productivity tools such as customizable watermarks, customizable reports and diagrams, reporting and analytics tools, virtual storerooms, labels, an interactive personal “sandbox” where users can model and validate their rack elevations, etc.
NetZoomDC offers a number of performance critical features such as Role-Based Security, a Tenants feature that allows business unit billing, the largest library of Visio device stencils and a seamless integration with 3rd party applications through our SDK.

Web Client for Popular Browsers

NetZoomDC is a browser based application supporting all major web browsers such as: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Opera.

Customizable Watermarks

A watermark on a device instantly identifies the device and its purpose. You can choose from dozens of predefined watermarks or create your own by choosing a device property or a graphic to be used as a watermark.

Visualize Your Data Center

Visualization is a key factor for DCIM. NetZoomDC helps you visualize your data center in any number of ways such as by IT devices, by Facility devices, by Tenants, or by any one of many Customizable Filters.
NetZoomDC graphical displays the top view of the entire site, views of the sub locations and floor layout, front and rear views of rack elevations, and exact replica device configurations complete with customizable watermarks for easy identification.
Real time statistics and charting allow you to quickly and easily take the pulse of the data center.

Customizable Reports and Microsoft Visio Diagramming

Use NetZoomDC to automatically generate reports and diagrams for your data center. NetZoomDC is prepopulated with hundreds of report and diagramming templates. You can quickly customize built-in report and diagram templates or create your own in Microsoft Visio or SQL Reporting.

Reporting & Analysis

Using built-in reports, you can create reports for inventory, rack space availability, location capacity, power forecasting, critical alerts, PUE and DCiE, chargebacks, connectivity, port availability, warranty and more.
Analytical reports are available for all levels of the data center: site, location, rack and device. In addition, you can create your own customized reports based on current, historical or forecasted data. Trending reports help you stay on top of the capacity usage in your data center. Analyzing the trend of critical alerts can help you predict future issues or outages.
Reports can be scheduled for automatic generation and delivery. Reports are exportable to a variety of formats including Microsoft Word and Excel.

Professional Diagramming

With NetZoomDC you can automatically create data-driven, professional Microsoft Visio diagram with the click of a button. You can quickly generate front and rear rack elevations with cable connectivity, row of racks diagrams, and floor layouts with drill-down in Microsoft Visio. Data-driven diagramming saves you time and ensures that the diagram is always accurate.

Virtual Storerooms

NetZoomDC provides virtual storerooms that organize and automatically track New Arrivals from other sites, decommissioned devices, unused devices as well as both planned and unplanned devices for use in the production data center.

Staging Area

The Staging Area allows you to work in an interactive personal "sandbox" so that you can model and validate rack elevations or experiment with creating device configurations prior to procurement. The Staging Area is also a good training location.


You can easily generate customized labels for devices or cables using NetZoomDC.


Security is a vital aspect of successful data center management within a large data center. With NetZoomDC, the data center manager has complete control over the assignment of role and access privileges that are assigned to each user to govern application usage, device and data access levels.
Multiple security features are built-in to NetZoomDC.
User authentication can be achieved using Active Directory or OpenSSO authentication.
Built-in hierarchical role based security governs the features a user has access to use in the user interface.
All device, properties, reports, diagrams and tenants may be secured so that only appropriate individuals have access to them.
Secured property values are encrypted.

Powered by the World's Largest and Most Up-to-Date Device Library in the Cloud

The NetZoom device library includes over 350,000 devices and their technical data and attributes from more than 4,800 popular hardware manufacturers from around the world. Our powerful search engine makes it quick and easy to search for a required device or stencil, and our Cloud Library Service ensures you have access to the daily library updates.
Multiple security features are built-in to NetZoomDC.

Rapid integration into 3rd Party Applications

NetZoomDC stores and manages its data center sites in a Microsoft SQL Server database. It has an Open Schema for integration with 3rd party applications and an SDK of web services to facilitate integration. Our profession services team provides SDK assistance and integration services for third-party applications including Remedy.

Integration with Applications

NetZoomDC seamlessly integrates into existing business applications to help provide a single pane for managing data center assets. Out-of-box integration is available with the following applications:
Remedy® by BMC Software
Hyper-V® by Microsoft
vSphere® by VMware
RF Code™
  more information on integration
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