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Monitor the Health of the Data Center

Data center administrators will find NetZoomDC instrumental for managing and monitoring data center equipment and their real-time status. NetZoomDC is powered by Intel® DCM (Data Center Manager), and critical devices can be monitored for power, thermal and other capacity values. Using real-time monitoring in NetZoomDC, you can monitor key data center assets using dashboards and alerts and identify potential problems, like “Hot Spots”, before issues arise.
Virtual Asset Management
NetZoomDC lets you discover and monitor both physical and virtual servers in a single view. Dashboards indicate the data center’s percentage of virtualization and identify servers that can be considered for virtualization.

Auto Network Discovery and Agentless Monitoring

Use NetZoomDC’s auto discovery to locate assets in your data center and identify their attributes such as IP, host name, CPU, memory, disk and installed software. Important devices can be monitored in real-time data without the use of agents for key performance indicators such as power usage, inlet temperature, CPU, memory, disk utilization and heartbeat to ensure that they are functioning properly and to optimize usage of resources.

Real-Time Power Monitoring and Temperature Monitoring, Powered by Intel® DCM

NetZoomDC harnesses the power of Intel DCM for real-time power and thermal monitoring for critical models of IT and facility devices using agentless protocols such as IPMI and SNMP. Real-time monitoring helps to reduce operating costs by identifying underutilized servers and hot spots in the data center.

Google Map Alerts and Alerts Management

Users can create and subscribe to any criteria-based alerts to be notified when an alert condition is encountered, i.e. a value exceeds its threshold. When an alert is triggered, the alert message may be delivered in real time by email, text message or by raising an alert within NetZoomDC.
The Google world map lets you quickly monitor the current status of all your sites in a dashboard format and review the color-coded alerts of each site. When an alert needs to be attended to, you can click it to go directly to the source of the alert.

Dashboards – DCIM Analytics

Dozens of analytical dashboards are available at any level of the data center to view live alerts, asset, thermal, power and space metrics of your data center site and answer these core questions: What do we have in our data center? How is our data center operating? What can be optimized? Where are we heading?
Dashboards help you can perform advanced “What-If” analysis as well as monitor and report:
What assets do you have in your data center?
Where is the data center heading?
How your data is center operating now, within the last six hours and historically?
Where is your datacenter heading in terms of Power, Space and Thermal utilization?
What Alerts need to be addressed?
Where are the current Hot spots?
Where are underutilized or Ghost Servers which can be considered for virtualization?
Dashboards can help you easily determine what resources are already in use or are available for redeployment, monitor how the capacity is being managed both in real-time and historically, identify ghost servers, and see what trends and forecasts can be derived.
Real-Time RFID Asset Tracking
Clients who use RF Code™ RFID technology to track assets can do so directly from NetZoomDC. With the RFID spatial awareness technology you get fully automated asset tracking at all times, extremely accurate inventory, instant asset movement notification and real-time monitoring of environmental conditions – all integrated in your favorite DCIM.
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