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Manage IT & Facility Infrastructure

NetZoomDC can help you with everyday tasks like deploying and decommissioning hardware, staying on top of all your projects, estimating the current overall efficiency, and predicting the future requirements with trending reports. NetZoomDC can discover and monitor physical devices and virtual servers, automate notification of alert conditions, manage complex capacity factors and plan effective Moves, Adds and Changes.

Manage Data Center Assets

NetZoomDC can be your system of record for all of your data center assets. It helps you visually manage all types of IT and facility devices including racks, servers, patch panels, UPSs, air conditioners, etc. and allows you to account them by any of the device attributes like manufacturer, install date, warrantee expiration or others.
Once a device is implemented in NetZoomDC it is tracked throughout its entire life span in the data center. Commissioned and decommissioned devices are accounted for automatically and decommissioned devices may be reused within the same data center or shared with other data centers. Decommissioned devices can also be disposed of in NetZoomDC.

Change Management and Work Orders

NetZoomDC implements structured Change Management so that all Moves, Adds and Changes are performed visually in a plan. When in Plan mode, the user’s actions are automatically recorded and these actions are scheduled to be executed on the plan’s due date.
Plans can build upon other previously defined planned projects so you can visualize the state of the data center at any time in the future. Work Orders stating action items can be generated and Conflict detection helps indicate issues between plans prior to execution.
All approved plans participate in “What-if” analysis so your upcoming planned devices participate in capacity management planning.

Capacity Management

Using NetZoomDC, you can easily manage Power, Thermal, Weight and Space capacity to ensure optimal use of your resources. When analyzing capacity, you can use real-time metrics, historical values, lab values, manufacturer rated values or complex calculations generated with our built-in functions.

Connectivity Management

NetZoomDC allows you to track the power and data connections and their cabling requirements throughout the entire data center. After importing connectivity or manually making connections, you can generate a full range of port-to-port connectivity reports and data or power trace diagrams for reporting, installation or troubleshooting.

In-Place Rack Replacement

With evolving trends in data center space optimization, data center managers are looking to replace their conventional racks with newer “smart racks”. In-Place Rack Replacement enables NetZoomDC users to batch replace one model of rack with another, while maintaining the configuration and connectivity of the devices within the rack. This convenience feature is designed to ease the workload and improve data accuracy of large-scale rack replacements.

Device Log Management

NetZoomDC has complete asset life cycle management. Each device maintains its own historical log which tracks the initial install, all Adds/Moves/Changes, decommissioning and any maintenance notes.

Soft Resource Management

NetZoomDC is a centralized resource repository for all soft copies of device-related resources. Now you can easily maintain and access the installation instructions, product manual, release notes, troubleshooting guide, warrantee contract, or any other document or URL for all devices whenever needed. Resources stay with devices throughout the device’s entire lifecycle and may be shared by devices.

Manage Tenants and Generate Chargeback Reports

NetZoomDC implements the concept of Tenants to indicate the owner or the billing unit associated with a device. Each device may be assigned to a Tenant, such as a department or client, and the Data Center Explorer may be filtered to show only devices assigned to a particular Tenant. Tenants allow you to easily generate Chargeback reports.
Inventory Collection & Audit
NetZoomDC comes with a mobile app which allows you to perform an inventory of assets by simply scanning the barcodes of devices. NetZoomDC audits assets to automatically classify them as “New”, “Moved”, “Missing” or “Matching” devices.
Mobile App
NetZoomDC Mobile App is a valuable companion to NetZoomDC DCIM which allows you to navigate into the data center and monitor devices on the go, while also alerting you of the potential issues.
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