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Model Your Data Center with NetZoomDC

NetZoomDC models data centers of any size and visually presents a hierarchical view of all data center devices from high end IT servers to facility infrastructure and their interdependencies.

Model Data Center Infrastructure

Data centers come in all sizes from single server rooms to enterprise-level environments consisting of multiple physical locations. NetZoomDC is a scalable solution that can help you create an accurate model of all aspects of your datacenter including IT and facility infrastructure.
With NetZoomDC you can track all devices installed in the site, planned devices, unused devices, decommissioned devices and ones that are transferred between sites. All devices may be configured to show an accurate representation to the module level.

Rack Top & Zero-U

NetZoomDC takes into account the implementation of space-efficient rack design, including frame profile and shelving configuration for increased packing density. Rack Top and Zero-U device mounting allows NetZoomDC users to mount the equipment on top as well as on the side of the racks, while fully accounting for their capacity utilization.

Scalable Data Center Modeling

With NetZoomDC there are No Limits on the number of Data Centers, Locations, Sub-Locations, Racks and Devices that can be modeled. You can model and visualize the data center to any level needed including site, location, floor, room, zone, pod, row, rack, device, card, and port as well as include all the interconnectivity between the ports. By modeling your data center with NetZoomDC, you are able to represent the entire physical inventory of your data center in a single repository for asset management, troubleshooting, analysis and capacity planning.

Configure and Customize your Devices

Use the Configurator to create “standard builds” for chassis and racks to maintain consistency across your site. You can assign default property values and prepopulate each chassis template using related cards and modules or load the rack templates with standard rack-mountable equipment. These configured devices may be used shared between users and sites.

Double-Height Slots

NetZoomDC solves the traditional dilemma of how to model equipment that accepts double-height and half-height cards and blades. Now you can change the configuration of the chassis slot height from single-height into a double-height in order to fit double-height cards, thereby increasing configuration flexibility and ease of use.

Customize Data Properties including Encryption for Secured Properties

NetZoomDC comes preconfigured with an extensive set of common device properties like manufacture name, product number, dimensions, install date, and warrantee information. It is also fully customizable so you can add your own properties including formula-based ones, URL properties and encrypted properties for storing sensitive information.

Compute Device Property Values using Formulas

NetZoomDC properties may include Microsoft® Excel-style formulas that are evaluated at run-time. There are hundreds of built-in formulas to provide values such as total power usage by a row of racks, total weight of a cabinet or total available port count within a cabinet OR you may use the Formula Builder to create your own custom formulas.

Implementation through Automation

When prototyping a future build-out or creating the initial implementation of your data center, NetZoomDC’s data-driven modeling is the quickest and easiest way to get up and running. Almost every aspect of implementing a data center can be automated. Using your existing Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets you can import the entire data center hierarchy, rack elevations, configured devices, properties and connectivity.

Connectivity Management

NetZoomDC allows you to track the power and data connections and their cabling requirements throughout the entire data center. After importing connectivity or manually making connections, you can generate a full range of port-to-port connectivity reports and data or power trace diagrams for reporting, installation or troubleshooting.

Inter-Site Connectivity

NetZoomDC provides extensive multi-site and connectivity management capabilities to the users who manage globally-distributed data center sites. Inter-site connectivity allows users to connect sites via a single path or multiple connecting segments within the path. Waypoints can also be specified for street-by-street level route accuracy. NetZoomDC lets you visualize the cable types as well as the geo-location of the inter-site connections on the map interface.

Find and Manage Data Center Assets

Once your data center model is built, you will want to be able to locate individual assets quickly and easily. NetZoomDC can help you locate “hidden” assets at any level of the data center.
Using the advanced Find feature, you can easily locate any asset in the data center or within another site by executing a simple search or using advanced SQL statements for more complex searches. If the desired asset is found in another site, you may transfer the device between sites.
Planning for a technical refresh can be made easier using NetZoomDC which can automate the process of Finding and Replacing one model of a device with a newer, more efficient model.


Filters are another way to narrow the scope of the data center and limit the amount of information presented in the Data Center Explorer to the relevant data. There are dozens of predefined filters provided in NetZoomDC to help the user focus on IT or Facility Devices, locate racks or devices that are heavily loaded any other metric. Custom parameterized filters are user-definable so you can create the facet or view that is important to you.

Clickable URL Properties

NetZoomDC allows you to create any number of custom clickable URL properties that will launch the URL in a separate browser tab when clicked so that you can reference online resources, login screens or other intranet or extranet links.
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