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Founded in 1995, Altima Technologies, Inc. is an Illinois corporation with headquarters in the Chicago area.
Altima has pioneered revolutionary solutions in the area of data center infrastructure management. Since 2000, NetZoom solutions have been popular among data center professionals worldwide to more effectively model, manage, monitor and maximize data centers.
Our Software
Our flagship solution, NetZoomDC is the most feature rich, fully-scalable, enterprise Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software application. It enables data center professionals to Model, Manage, Monitor and Maximize Data Center assets, space, power and cooling.
Our Mission
"Our mission is to deliver world-class solutions and services for modeling, managing, and maximizing data center and network potential."
Board of Directors
Sara Clark
President, Chief Operating Officer and Board Member

Ms. Clark has over 25 years of experience designing and developing software packages most notably NetZoom, Mathematical Equation Editor and SysDraw. Ms. Clark holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Northwestern University. She continues to play an active role in designing and developing software for Altima.
Simon Chang
Board Member

Simon Chang has more than 25 years of software development experience in the enterprise solution space. Simon Chang served as chief technology officer at Campbell Software, an enterprise workforce management solution company, prior to its acquisition by SAP and also served as the director of development at Altima Technologies. He currently works in the IT division of a fortune 500 company, where he is responsible for the reliability and availability of mission critical enterprise operational data.
Dr Ram P Rustagi
Board Member

Dr Ram P Rustagi Ph.D from IIT , Delhi, India has 25+ years of software development and consulting experience that spans Technology Startups, Research and Development organizations, Academic Institutions, and Software product development companies in North America, Europe, South Asia, and India. Dr. Rustagi has consulted several global corporations on network design and solutions evaluation involving TCP/IP, SNA, X.25 and Frame Relay, and has been an invited speaker in the area of Data Communication and networking, Security and Firewall, Designing Enterprise Networks etc.
Dr Vipin Arora
Board Member

Dr Vipin Arora, PhD from University of Nebraska, USA, is a Director with AbbVie Inc. Vipin has successfully led many large global projects and pioneered in building, coaching and leading scientific teams in large and mid-size Pharmaceutical Industry. Vipin has been on the panel of Judges at National Science competitions and has actively volunteered for American Red Cross, American Diabetes Association and Food for Hunger Program.
Sanjay Yadav
Board Member

Sanjay Yadav a graduate in business management and administration is part of senior management team at Altima Systems, where he plays pivotal role in forming strategies, product development and management. Sanjay also serves on the board of Directors of Altima Systems, India.
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